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Great question. Both terms mean the same thing and refer to mental health counseling in the form of traditional talk therapy.

Here’s an official definition from the American Counseling Association (ACA): “counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.”

In more conversational terms, it’s kind of like having a personal trainer or physical therapist for your mind.

How do you know if you need one or not? It depends. Everyone’s situation is different.

If you’re on the fence, give us a call. We’d be happy to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to hear more about your specific situation and help you figure out if we might be helpful to you.

Session rates vary a bit amongst our therapists based on years of experience, speciality training, etc. That being said, the average session fee is about $180 per 50 minute session.

As far as insurance, we are an out-of-network provider. What that means is that our clients are responsible for payment at the time of service. However, we can provide you with a superbill you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

If finances are a concern, we do have a sliding fee scale available for clients who qualify based on household size and income. We also have a limited number of significantly reduced rate sessions available through our clinical internship program. As much as possible, we want to prevent finances from being a barrier to receiving the care you need. If you’re interested, please reach out! We’d be happy to talk more.

Yes, all of our providers are credentialed by the Virginia Board of Counseling under the Virginia Department of Health Professions. You can read more about each individual therapist’s licensing on their staff bio page.

Probably. We have a rather diverse clinical staff with experience across a wide range of presenting issues. At the same time, we also recognize that every situation is unique. If you’re curious, give us a call!

Most clients report improvement after their first appointment. The research suggests 12-20 sessions is typical. That being said, every situation is unique. The length and frequency of appointments is something you’ll discuss with your therapist during your initial assessment. After gathering more information, your therapist will be able to make a more informed recommendation.

In all likelihood, yes. It’s common for children to be resistant to therapy and we have a lot of experience helping parents navigate that terrain. With partners or other family members, it’s very common for one person to begin services individually and for other members to follow suit after they begin to see positive changes start to take place.

If you’d like things to change, you can begin that journey effectively; regardless of whether or not others are on board.

We believe child therapy is most effective when it is a collaborative experience that includes parental involvement. That being said, the amount and frequency of parental involvement can vary based on your child’s age, developmental stage, and on both of your personal preferences. The amount of parental involvement is typically something discussed in more detail during your initial assessment together.

Yes, yes, and yes. Several of our therapists have evening and after-school hours available. And we do offer Telehealth services via both telephone and video.

Additional questions? Click here to schedule a free intro call. We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you might have!

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