Grace McLaurin

Grace McLaurin,

Resident in Counseling

There is a certain unburdening that comes from naming the things and themes that have marked our lives, especially alongside trusted people. As such, my delight as a therapist comes from getting to walk alongside you through the process of curiously and compassionately exploring your story. My therapeutic approach is individualized and holistic, incorporating trauma-informed care and evidence-based techniques that reflect the multi-dimensional nature of the human experience. I believe in the power of presence, storytelling, and a little bit of humor for good measure.

Sorrow is often born in the context of relationship, but so is healing. It is my hope that together we can gently traverse through the areas of your life that may need an extra hand. While this journey may not come without its share of work, or perhaps even pain, it is a process that has the power to heal and foster true change. And you are worth it.

My clinical experience includes individual and group work with older children, adolescents, and adults navigating a variety of mental health issues including trauma, anxiety, grief, and family relationships. I am particularly interested in coming alongside those who have experienced sexual trauma, adverse childhood experiences, and disordered eating.

In my free time I can most likely be found trail running (read: power walking), spending time with my friends and community, or mapping out my next cozy espresso + novel quest. I’ll take just about any chance I can get to travel, locally and abroad, and rarely pass up the opportunity to dance.

Grace is a Resident in Counseling (lic #0704015239), under the supervision of Sarah McClerren, LPC, ACS (Lic #0701008462).

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